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Below, you will find various templates that you can download to ensure that your projects are set up correctly, saving you time and money!

If you have a specific question related to your print job, please contact us at csr@heinzenprinting.com

Common Print Production Terms

Bleed: any element that extends past the final trimmed size of document. This includes graphics, lines, text, colors, etc.

Crop Marks: lines at the corners of the document showing where the edge of the document is for trimming.

Proof: an example of what the finished document will look like.

CMYK Colors: the four colors used for printing full color documents; C - cyan, M - magenta, Y - yellow, and K - black.

Pantone Colors: a spot color (1 ink) used for printing instead of CMYK (4 inks).

Rich Black vs. Flat Black: rich black is black made of percentages of CMYK, flat black is 100% black (K). Please submit files with text at 100% black.

CMYK vs. RGB: CMYK are colors used for printing, RGB (Red Green Blue) are colors used for the web. Please convert all documents to CMYK or Pantone colors before submitting to us.

Press-ready File: a file submitted by the customer that can be run as is to the press or copier, meaning colors are seperated, bleeds are included and crop marks are included.

PDF (Portable Document Format): a file format used to share documents through different software and platforms. This is a file format that is usually requested for all documents sent to us.

Raster Image: an image made of pixels, lines will appear fuzzy and pixelated.

Vector Image: an image made of lines, lines will appear crisp and clean.

Resolution: a measure of sharpness of an image by the number of pixels it is made of. Preferred resolution of an image is 300 dpi. Images can be reduced in size but they cannot be increased in size, otherwise it will appear pixelated and unclear.

Offset Printing: an image is transferred from plate to blanket to paper using ink (press). Can use specific pantone colors or CMYK for color documents.

Digital Printing: an image is printed directly to paper using toner (inkjet or laser copier). Can only use CMYK for color documents.

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  Template for setting up a business card (3.5 x 2)
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  Template for setting up 8.5 x 11 size trifold brochures.
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  Steps to creating PDF files from Quark Xpress, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Publisher, Word and Excel
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  Helpful checklist for file submissions.
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