Posters are one of the most popular ways to communicate
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Posters are one of the most popular ways to communicate. Posters with interesting information are often found in stores. When you go to the cinema posters about upcoming film premiers cover the wall.

And of course, pre-election period – the cities are filled with motivational posters.



The very first and important task of a poster is to convey useful information about a product, service or event. If, as a result of the development of the layout, this did not work out, then all the investments were in vain.

There is a so-called visual hierarchy that must be followed when placing text on a poster.

Experts distinguish three main levels of text:
1. Event (Title). The title of the poster is highlighted first. This can be information about an event (name of the concert, holiday, and event), products or service. It should be easy to read from a far distance of when being close to it.
2. Details of the event. After the poster gets the person’s attention, it must provide him/her with all the necessary information about the proposal. Where the holiday or promotion will take place, how to become a participant, what needs to be done for this, etc.
3. Additional information. The last block should be in small print and contain secondary information that may be useful but not extremely important.

These standards are considered basic and are used by all major marketing and printing companies.


Color Spectrum

The design of the poster should attract attention of the potential buyer or visitor. Standard hackneyed color schemes and common pictures have become so boring to visitors that they lost their effectiveness and demand. Color, font and many other design elements should be chosen based on:
1. Location of the poster
2. Size
3. Audience
4. Main goal
Success and effectiveness also depend on the designer’s awareness of the future use of the posters. If they will be placed on a green wall, then, of course, it is not recommended to use green shades in the layout itself.
Quite often corporate colors are taken as the basic for the color scheme, especially when the poster is aimed to present not only a product, but also a particular store or company.
The size
Many designers and clients are staying away from creating and displaying large posters. For some reason there is an opinion that the creation of such printed products is much more difficult – but it is not true.
The size is not the main factor. The effectiveness of advertising is influenced by design only. The correct placement of the text and the correct selection of colors are 90% of the success of the poster.
A universal layout, the content of which will look spectacular on a poster of any size is a sign of professionalism. Such a poster can definitely be classified as successful.



The image should always be in the foreground along with the headline, otherwise it should not be placed at all. The drawing should not only attract the attention of a person passing by, but also provide him with at least minimal information about the content of the advertising poster.

Experts also recommend printing the logo on posters- this is a good option to promote brand awareness. As for the requirements for the image, they are quite simple:
— Big size
— High quality and rich colors
— Accessible visuals
— Minimum details and additional elements
The image with a huge amount of small details is difficult to perceive, and therefore most often simply repel a potential customer.



Many customers believe that the more information and text, the better. This is a huge mistake. As practice shows, people devote a maximum of 3-5 seconds to reading a poster. That is why the person should receive all the necessary information in a few seconds. It is important to understand that no one will seek out useful information and read the text of the poster, and therefore it is better to adhere to minimalism and provide additional information already in a personal conversation than to fit everything into a poster that turns out to be useless. The perfectly matched spacing between letters and lines is an important criterion for the text readability.



In the world of typography, as in other creative fields, creativity and originality are welcomed. Of course, a standard layout with a simple name and a hackneyed picture will give their result, but they do not present a company or store as something new and interesting.
Many famous posters included in the TOP of the best works were created using only graphics elements. The absence of a picture did not reflect at all on the elegance and uniqueness of the poster and the idea embedded within.



The key sign of quality is individuality. This is the goal every designer and customer should pursue. In the modern world it does not matter whether the poster was created manually or using modern graphic editors. The main thing is the technique.

Outrageousness, emotional message, eccentricity — these are the qualities that characterize a truly successful poster that attracts customers.
The poster is a special area of graphic activity in which every designer has the opportunity to embody his/her professionalism. Posters should be ordered only from professional printing companies that can not only embody the idea, but also produce high-quality printed material.